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10 Month Or So Anniversary! Woohoo! :)

Hi! :) 

Did you know? You wonderful people bought over 500 shirts since the grand opening of FunnyGuyStore.

We pat ourselfs on the back for this pretty cool achievement!!! :) That's 500 cool people walking around the globe! :) 

It's been 10 months and a lot of ups and not so many downs. We don't believe in downs, downs are just another way to say ups. :) 

So, what the future holds for the FunnyGuyStore is cool stuff and millions of cool tees for people who like to express their inner and outer-self in any way imaginable.

Considering the fact that we sold over 500 shirts with absolutely no effort it's about time to start doing this seriously and pay a lot of people money to make the store look awesome and your experience by highest standards possible. 

In order to collect the money we need, we will try to sell 1000 shirts by october. 

Let's see what happens! Thank you all and have a great one! :) 




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