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411 Disappearance Of Bart Schleier

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Bart Schleier was a famous outdoorsman and hunter, he was just one of those people that you could drop into any environment and he's not only going to survive, he's gonna thrive. 

A testament to that would be, he spent months in Siberia tracking and catching Siberian tigers, he was like a world-renowned tiger tracker. He's just super rugged
and super confident outdoorsman.

In September of 2004 Bart books a float plane to take him a 175 miles north
into the Yukon territory in Canada for him to go hunt moose, on his own for three weeks.

He had all the right equipment, he was obviously extremley capable and no one thought twice about it.

When he got dropped of he told the pilot, meet me back here in three weeks. And so off he went, the plane leaves and comes back 3 weeks later and there's no Bart.

The pilot knew Bart was like a God in the wilderness and so he wasn't really concerned but it would went over to where, he had been told where he's campsite would be and he found the campsite.

It looked like someone was still living, it didn't look like it was destroyed at all. Near his campsite he found a dry bag which looked like it had an indent on it, where someone might have been sitting on it up against the tree and then next to the tree was his bow and some arrows it looks like an area where a hunter
might have been sitting to call in moose.

But there was no Bart. Near the dry bag in the bow and arrow they found Barts teeth and a couple of shards of bone. Initially the thought is well a large Predator must have snuck up on Bart and eaten him.

Except there's a couple of huge problems with that theory. Bart would never get snuck up on by a large predator. He was so accomplished in the wilderness like he was always a step ahead of everything around him so the idea that he would just stand there one day and a bear would just happen to sneak up on him is pretty far-fetched.

Also in the area where his teeth and some of those bones were found there was no sign of what they call a death struggle, where you're fighting for your life, you're
smashing and everything, there's none of that there, there's no marking on the ground or in the in the surrounding areas of the large Predator that head had attacked him.

Also his camp had food out in the open. If a large redatorhad come through like a bear, after you know it's finished with Bart,  it would have raided the campsite and it didn't.

And so the way this was left was, he was attacked and eaten by a predator. But nobody believes that because that wouldn't happen to Bart and the circumstances around his campsite didn't really add up.

Weird af! Take care of yourself out there, never go alone!

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