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Commercial Transport Truck Driving Schools

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I have received multiple emails asking the question "What is the best truck driving school?" or "Where do you recommend I get truck driver education?" Should you pay out of pocket or sign a deal with a trucking company school for free truck driver training?

I don't know anyone who can claim to be an expert on truck driving schools or the best method to pay for your truck driving class! The fact is many people have only gone to one transportation school and if for some reasons they have gone to more than one I would definitely stay clear of them all!

The option of a trucking business school or a private truck driving school is a personalized one and depends on your specific situation. Location, funds, time etc. The only comment I really have on spending for a truck driving school would be if you can spend on your own go ahead.

If you are spending out of pocket make certain that the class has job position with a decent trucking business! Some transportation companies will reimburse you all or part of your training depending on how extensive you drive a truck for them. You will have no commitment to any trucking company and can move on when you feel like it if you pay for your CDL education out of your own pocket. You can evaluate the quality of a truck driving school by the job placement they provide.

If several large trucking companies recruit from a particular truck driving school graduate pool, that specific trucking school most likely trains students well or the big trucking companies would definitely not want to use that truck driving school has a hiring pool. Business transportation schools will usually train you well simply because you will be working for them and driving their trucks! Make sense?

After you have been operating for a while you will realize that the majority of your understanding is on the road and the truck driving school provided no other purpose than just getting your CDL, understanding the basics, and job positioning.

I personally went thru the Schneider training school when I began driving and I can say it was a good school and that they most likely over teach their people. Schneider is known for having one of the best truck driving schooling in the transportation industry but I have absolutely nothing to compare the experiences with. I only went through truck driving school one time myself.

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