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Disapperance Of Keith Parkins - Unexplained Mystery

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In the spring of 1952, 2 year old Keith Parkins was playing with his siblings outside of his grandfather's Ranch in Ritter Oregon.

And when the kids were all called in to have lunch, Keith was nowhere to be found.
And so the siblings and the family went out and did a cursory search looking for Keith and when nothing turns up they call in the authorities a full-fledged search was launched for Keith.

There's no sign, there's nothing.

Four miles away from the ranch they find, several hours later, some footprints that look like they might belong to a two year old. They start tracking those footprints and they go on for miles and miles and they just kind of stopped.

And it wouldn't be until the next day, 12 miles away from the ranch that they would
ultimately find Keith. Surprisingly Keith, he had disappeared with not enough clothing to be out in sub-zero temperatures with snow on the ground and being two years old, he wasn't prepared for a night out.

He was found alive, face down, 12 miles away, his jacket and his hat have
been stacked neatly next to him and he had scratch marks all over his face. But when asked you know what happened, he said a cat scratched him and he kept repeating that a cat had scratched him.

That was the only thing that he could articulate. No one knew how a two-year-old in the span of 20 hours could have moved in the middle of the night 12 miles away. 

Les Stroud who was a very acomplished outdoorsman, he is a star, he is
survivorman, he actually, because of this case, went out try to actually cover the distance in the allotted time.

He had 20 hours to cover this 12 miles and he couldn't do it. And he even said like it's not possible for a two-year old to cover this distance, let alone survive the exposure to the elements in the time that he was out there but somehow he did and years and years later Keith was interview.

Now he's a grown man, they asked him what happened and he has no idea, he has no memory of the event.


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