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Do You Really Want to Learn the Trombone?

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The trombone is a member of the brass family and the horn and are available in various sizes. The most typical ones are the medium kinds of or tenor trombone and bigger sized or bass trombone which are both pitched in Bb. They produce heavy sounds that are lower than the trumpet and are included when the orchestra is performing loud sections or in harmony with the high horn and trumpet parts.

Trombones have a cylindrical molded tube and a cup shaped mouthpiece and are associated to the trumpets. But instead of valves which a trumpet has, a trombone has a moveable slide which moves in and out. A professional will end the slide at any of the seven positions to get the number of notes available to generate. At any of the basic positions a series of notes can be produced by tightening or slackening his lips. The notes created are a series of natural notes named harmonics. When the slide is pulled out entirely, the array of notes which can be produced will extend downwards for six semitones.

Just like other brass instruments, the sound of the trombone is created by exhaling air by using pursed lips creating a vibration that creates a standing wave in the instrument. When the player moves the slide out it extends the extent of the air column and decreases the pitch.

Trombones are played in a range of situations like orchestras, military bands, jazz bands, dance groups eg the big band. Orchestras usually have two tenors and one bass trombone. The other groups having different numbers of trombone players.

Let's take a look at two popular trombone players.

1. Slide Hampton (Locksley Wellington "Slide" Hampton ) was a famous American trombonist, author and arranger who played all over European union after he ended up being in his dad's group, named Hampton's Band. He toured with these a lot and is probably the best role model for beginning trombonists. Slide Hampton was born in 1932.

2.Tommy Dorsey ( Thomas Francis Dorsey ) was a great American jazz trombone player as well as a trumpeter, author, and bandleader of the Big Band era. He had a smooth-toned trombone playing style and was known as "The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing". He is famous for The Spell of the Blues and The Boogie Woogie. Tommy Dorsey was brought into this world November 19, 1905 and died November 26, 1956.

You now understand that the trombone is a brass instrument of different sizes and can be played in a variety of scenarios. You have already been given instances of two well know trombonists which could look up on YouTube and see if the sounds tantalizes your taste buds. Then you need to make the final decision. Do you want to learn the trombone? 

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