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Funny Thoughts We Have As Humans

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Here are some of the thoughts that people have come up with and shared with us online. This shows us how the human race is smart and stupid at once, if there's an AI that's collectively learning from this kind of material then we're screwed. :D 

  • Angrily yelling at a dog for barking is just barking at the dog in human.


  • Ironically a blind person has less chance of walking into a glass door.


  • If you add Coke to your whiskey, you're a novice drinker, but if you add whiskey to your Coke, you're an alcoholic.


  • Being pregnant is like having your period accumulate for 9 months then getting all the pain and suffering in one go.


  • Since there are only three naturally occurring citrus fruits in the world (of which lemons and limes are not a part of) and all others are just hybrids from them. Life did not give us lemons. We made lemons out of life.


  • If people reincarnated after death, but got to retain their knowledge from the previous life, the new equality gap wouldn't be between the rich and the poor but between the old souls and the new.


  • Dads are forced to dial back their throwing abilities while playing catch with their kids, but by the time the kid is old enough take a full speed throw from dad, he can’t throw it like he could before.


  • Monopoly would be more realistic if the person with the most money got to change the rules whenever they liked.


  • Birthday Presents are just rewards for not having died yet.


  • Mike Wazwoski does finger guns and clicks his tongue in Monsters University because the creators had to work their way around the fact that he couldn't wink.


  • Drinking using a straw makes you an airbender, not a waterbender.


  • Not once in any of the seven fast and furious movies did they stop for gas.


  • It's very possible that your childhood friend (or even lifelong friend) was completely determined by a seating chart in Kindergarten.


  • At some point a scientist was like, "this medicine can cure a common ailment, turning a life-threatening condition into a minor inconvenience," then another was like, "yeah, but can we make it taste like grape?"
  • At some point in time color televisions were advertised on black & white TVs


  • Becoming a high school vice-principal is living long enough to see yourself become the villain.


  • 9-5 is the universal term for full-time employment, when in reality 8-5 is far more common.


  • Saying you are about to “release a single” is way cooler than saying you are going to break up with someone.


  • All animals killed by PETA are now safe and well treated in the heaven by Steve Irwin.


  • Sex education is really just biology class and there shouldn't be any taboo around it.


  • Michael Jackson started as a “poor black kid” and grew up to be a “rich white guy”.


  • 20 years ago we had police officers come to our schools and teach us how to be safe and avoid danger in public, 20 years later maybe it's time we have a tech specialist to go to our schools and teach the youngsters how to be safe and avoid danger on the internet.


  • The reason people want to pause a movie when you leave the room even when you tell them not to is less about you and more about them wanting to experience it with someone. Which is pretty heartwarming and says a lot about humans.
  • Life extension will probably never take off because most Millennials already want to die.


  • If humans had spots and stripes likes cats imagine all the new ways we could hate each other.


  • Mario dies when he touches a turtle but is totally fine when he jumps on an axe.


  • It would be interesting if before being born you could watch a trailer about the life you are going to have.

There, this is just a tip of a mountain, if you have anything to add feel free to do so in the comments section.

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