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Hungarian Vizsla T-shirt / Stubborn Vizsla Tricks T-shirt

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Is your little cute Vizsla a bit stubborn sometimes and doesn't listen?

We all know that dogs have a superman hearing and therefore we can assume that the dog hears perfectly but pretends that he doesn't.

Now that called stubborness!

It's cool and funny and gives a dog more personality. So, we made this Vizsla shirt
with that in mind, people love this shirt and react to it, especially Vizsla owners.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who owns a Hungarian Vizsla then you found a jewel, for $21.99! That alone is a reason to jump on this deal, all you now have to do to buy this Vizsla shirt is add it to cart and then complete the checkout, 1 2 3 click BOOM! Done.

It's so easy it's incredible. Then you can peacefully pet your Vizsla and wait for a few days for the best Vizsla tee to magically appear at your door step.

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