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Pomeranian Dog Breed Breef History And Information

Breed History Information Pomeranian

The Pomeranian also called Pom, or Pom Pom is one of the worlds to 15 most popular dog breeds for the past 10 years.

The Pomeranian is said to have oroginated from Egypt, as evidenced in paintings, sculptures, and pottery from that era. Eventually this ancient breed was transported to Pomerania, a region in Europe that then included Germany and Poland.

This breed is labeled a toy dog and it belongs to the Spitz type. The name Pomeranian came from the Slavic word meaning from the sea. Many breeders describe the face of their Pomeranians to be fox-like, and this dog has bright, almond shaped inquisitive eyes.  

It's plush fluff generally appears as white, black, brown, orange, sable, wolf, or white with colored markings. This breed is also made distinct by it's fluffy and curled tail. Every Pomeranian is innately sociable, playful, active and very eager to learn. It is also intelligent, loyal to it's owners and eager to please.

These dispositions make the Pomeranian an outstanding contender during sports dog competitions and circus performance. Additionally, the Pomeranian is not very needy and does not have to be smothered with attention all the time, because as the most independed of toy breeds, the Pomeranian is always alers, curious and occupied.

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