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Siberian Husky - All About The Breed

Breed History Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was born in Chukchi tribe, the main developers of the breed. For centuries the Siberian Husky was used to hunt for food and transport it to settlings. They were also used for trade with other villages.

They had respect for Siberian Huskies, they lived with them, fed them carefully. The great confidence they had in this noble animal also let them to sleep beside them, especially children and women, who enjoyed the warmth of their bodies and
helped them to with stand the freezing Siberian temperatures.


Huskies are strong muscular meddium to large-sized dogs that adapt to different climates by modifying their own fur according to their environment. Their appearance clearly reminds us of the wolf and they are really beautiful dogs.

We find Huskies in many different colors such as grey, black, and traditional white. Different combinations with red, brown, blond or black. There are also completely white Huskies. The eyes are usually hazelnut brown or sk-blue althoughthe species presents heterochromia in certian occasions. The mutation that makes them have an eye of each color.


The Siberian Husky stands out for being a very extroverted and friendly dog. They usually gentle and affectionate with whom they live. They occasionally show an alert behavior at home but they are not guard dogs that show aggressive behavior with strangers at all. They are very intelligent and dociele dogs, willing to be a loyal and hardworking member of what they consider their pack. They love to be mentally stimulated so it will be very beneficial to play intelligence games and give them active exercise. Agility, for example, is a very good choice for them.


The Siberian Husky with need a regular, practically daily brushing when the hair is molting. They will also benfit from a monthly or bimonthly bath to keep their fur clean. It is a dog that needs between two and three daily walks that add up
to a total of 90 minutes. In addition, they will also need to exercise actively to release their accumulated energy.
This is why the Huskiy is not a suitable dog for everyone. It needs an active family. Finally, we remind you of most important part of care that you should always offer. So, always give them good quality feed. Food not only affects their coat but also their health.


Health problems in Huskies often arise when mating two Huskies that are directly related. This causes eye problems such as cataracts, corneal dystrophy or progressive retinal atrophy. On the other hand, they also tend to suffer from
dysplasia problems in the elbows or hips, although it's less frequent than eye problems.


A Husky is a docile breed when training them, although, it will depend on each dog. Not every Husky is equally clever or curious. Each one has their own personality. To begin with, you will have to socialize the Husky puppy with different people and pets to make sociable and balanced in their adult stage. Don't forget that Huskies respond very well to positive reinforcement with which we will achieve very good results. Avoid punishment at all costs. Finally, you will have to train your
dog in the basic training orders by dedicating five to ten minutes a day to this activity.

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