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Strange Disappearance Of Charles Mccullar

At the end of 1973 nineteen-year-old Charles Mccullar who is an amateur photographer had been doing a West Coast tour of the United States going to all the different national parks to photograph beautiful scenery.

And by January of 1974 he was in Oregon and wanted to go to Crater Lake where he wanted to take pictures of Crater Lake. So he asked his friend who had an all terrain vehicle to take him out to Crater Lake because his van, which was this VW beat up old van, it couldn't have made it out that far.

And as his friend is driving him out to Crater Lake, Charles says to him, kinda jokingly "If you don'r hear from me in a couple of days, file a missing-person report."

Couple of days later when Charles doesn't show up, that friend does file a missing-person report and an extensive search was conducted at Crater Lake to find Charles.

There is no sign of Charles,there is nothing, there is no anything about Charles.

And his father after you flew out there and stay for several months just constantly searching the area, found nothing.

So a year later a couple of Backpackers were hiking the area around Crater Lake and they get lost, they took a wrong turn and they're well off the trailhead and they discover a backpack. In the backpack they found a strange-looking Volkswagen key, that anyone that knew Charles Mccullar knew, that he had this strange key.

So when they found that it was a distinctive key and so they gave it to police. It
turned out that it was Charles McCullers backpack. When the investigators went out and started looking in the area where this backpack was found, which was 12 miles off the trailheads.

This is well off the trailhead and near the backpack they find what remained of Charles. They found his pants unbuttoned and on a log as if he was sitting on the log and then just disappeared into the ground.

But his pants were still there. Sticking out of the pants where his socks, no shoes and in the socks were his feet bones. There was no jacket there was no upper portion of his skeleton, 12 feet away they find a portion of the skull and that is the last thing they find of Charles Mccullar.

Ultimately is was determined that he died of natural causes.

His family was not ready to accept that however when you look at
some of the circumstances, he's missing his jacket, he's missing his boots, he's missing his photography equipment, his head is dettached from his body.

He was also 12 miles off the trail head. And when he went missing, there had been an approximately 5 to 7 feet of snow that had dumped in the area.

So, how did he move 12 mile off the trailhead in a seven feet of snow? Especially when you consider, he was not an outdoorsy type and even when he got dropped off by his friend that drove him out there.

He even said, later on,that he felt like Charles was very ill equipped for the environment he was going into but at the end of the day it was left as "sorry, he went missing and died of natural causes". 

Now, this is a very rare occurence, I personally LOVE going to the woods and nature in general, if something happens, so be it. Be careful.

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