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The Case Of Dennis Martin - Strange Disappearance In The Forest

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All right let's get straight into the story.

On Father's Day weekend 1969, six-year-old Dennis Martin, his brother, his father and his grandfather had up to the Smoky Mountains to go camping.

This was a family tradition on Father's Day and they were really excited about it. They get to the same campsite they always used, they set up, they have a wonderful first night camping out.

On the next day another camper in the area happened to walk by and saw that Dennis and his brother were playing there and so this camper had kids as well and he asked Dennisis father he would it be okay if I brought my kids by, they are same age as your sons and they can just play together. Father would say "Sure, bring them down".

So the man goes, gets his kids, they come back and before long all the kids are playing hide and seek.

Now, Dennis's father would say that he had an eye on Dennis the whole time. He was just at a distance watching his is son to make sure he didn't get lost. And so it one point all the kids are hiding from the parents. And you know, at some point parents say, "okay show yourselves" and all the kids except for Dennis show themselves.

And Dennis's father has watched Dennis go behind the particular tree. He watched him do it, he was watching the whole time. And so when they said come on out and he didn't come out, he actually wasn't that concerned because he knew exactly where his son was.

And then after a few moments he yelled to son directly and starts walking over and says "Dennis! Come out Dennis!" I know you're behind the tree. And when he finally got over there Dennis wasn't there.

Dennis's father immediately started running into the woods screaming for his son, he actually ends up running almost two miles up the Appalachian Trail just hollering for his son and he can't find him.

And then the rest of the family had broken up searching the area because they're thinking like, he couldn't have gone very far, he was literally just here. And Dennis's father had said before, like I watched him go behind the tree. I watched him! I don't know where he is but I've watched him go behind the tree.

And so they are searching everywhere and Dennis is gone. So a huge search was launched, the biggest search in park history. With 1500 searchers that included the army Green Berets so the special forces got involved.

They are the combing a 60 square mile plot, they're looking everywhere, there is nothing. There's no trace, there's no scent, there's nothing connecting to Dennis Martin anywhere.

And so they go back to his father and say he has to tell them what he saw, this doesn't add up. If you were looking at the tree and he was right there how is it that he had just vanished into thin air? But no one knew, that was it, no one knows what happened, there's no closure, he's just gone and they never knew what happened to him.

Years later when David Politis was doing his research for Missing 411 and was researching the dentist Martin case, he interviewed other families that had been at the campground at the same time Dennis had gone missing.

One of those families was the Key family. And they had to ask a park ranger where they could go on the campground, where they might be able to see some bears and so the park ranger obviously said be careful but you can go over here, to this section of the campground and you might see a bear.

And so they head over there and they're looking for bears. And one of their children hears a scream, and it kind of directs the family to look in the direction of the scream. And from their vantage point they could see up on to the side of this mountain where there was, call it sparse trees all over the mountain so you can kinda see in between the trees.

They say what look like a bear running along the mountainside but with something over it's shoulder. Except the insteresting thing about this bear was that,the father was quoted as saying that it didn't really act like a bear. It was acting more like a human the way it was running in looked hairy and like an animal but it was running and dodging between trees is holding this, what looked like a child over shoulder,it had acted almost like a human.

So you have a "Bear man" that was spotted by the key family and they bring this up to the investigators that are looking into the Dennis Martin case and the investigators don't take this seriously.

They think that they're just, you know, saying some ridiculous thing for attention or whatever.

This never really was entered into the case with of Dennis Martin, it wasn't until the missing 411 cases that it was ever connected but there really was a family that claims to have seen a bear man carrying a child about an hour after Dennis Martin had gone missing in the same area where Dennis Martin had gone missing.


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