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What Happened To Chris Thompkins - Strange Disappearance

disappearance outdoors strange woods

In 2002 Christopher Tompkins was working as a surveyor and he was assigned to this four man survey crew that was working in Harris County Georgia.

They were along this road spaced about 50 feet apart all four of them and Chris was the last one in line. And the third one in line would later tell investigators and
police that as they were walking on the road, he would periodically turn around to just for a quick second make sure Chris was still there.

As they're walking along with no sound or any indication that anything's happened,
he turned around, saw Chris, kept walkin and a few minutes later turned around and Chris is gone.

Third guy hails the other two and then go and they're like where did Chris go?
They're looking down the road, maybe he stopped, stepped off the trail but they can't see him and they go back to the start, walking down the road where he would have been.

And they find on the ground a pile of loose change and some of his tools that would have been in his pockets. And then they see one of his boots stuck in the barbed wire, there was a little barbed wire fence running the length of this road and one of his boots was stuck in the barbed wire and there was nothing else.

They searched the area, they're looking everywhere, there's no sign of him and it didn't make any sense to the people in the survey crew. Especially the guy who is third-in-line, he was like "I've literally saw him a minute ago". 

And there's no way he could have gotten away without me hearing or seeing some indication of where he was but there was no sign of hime and he was gone. So after this huge investigation they don't find any sign of him and that's it. They're just like, "yeah, he's gone".

They did find, nine months later, they found his other boot near a swamp 900 yards away but it didn't provide any more clarity to what happened to him.

However, if you look at the pile of loose change and things that were in his pockets that were on the road, it indicated that at some point has been turned upside down.

If you think about the entirety of all of the strange story is where the idea being someone could be hunting humans, just picture in your head, Chris Tomkins walking along and something flipping him upside down dumping the contents out and then being gone in a matter of a minute where  no one can see where they went.

Weird man!

PS: These are truly rare and strange occurances, don't let it get in the way of your love towards nature, camping anf hiking. Take care of yourself and watch your surroundings if you're alone in the woods. I've made the tee below to remind you that nature is freakin' amazing. Click on the photo if you want it, you can also find many more on the main menu if you type "outdoors" in the search box. Enjoy!

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