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Guitar Player Fueled By Beer T-shirt

Guitar Player Fueled By Beer T-shirt


Fueled By Beer I Am But Guitar I Play :)

How lovely it is to see a guitarist play the song that perhaps returns you to the youth. You know, back to those ancient times that you have some memories of the memories left from?

Back then when you had no bills to pay and your momma did all the dirty things for you? How missed are those times every day for a couple of hours at least! Oh man. No wonder you know how to shred the guitar like Stevie Ray Hendricks Lee, you had all the time you needed. 

That's why no one older starts learning to play the guitar and gets any good at it. D, G and C even my grandmom can learn. 

Now it's only fair to admit that from playing all the cool music during the years, a guitar player gets very thirsty. What better way to hidrate than with a cold one or two! 

The cool starts puring out of a guitar playing soul once a beer is opened! 

Wear it! Guess how please man...

Proudleeeey! :)


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